I posted some pictures taken right after the stage 3 turbo upgrade was done (somewhere by the end of January 2006). The main upgrade made here was the replacement of the stock brake discs and pads with Tarox Japan rotors and sports brake pads. Unlike what one would believe, by doing this, my main concern was not to get increased braking power but rather to keep the reliability of the braking for a longer period of time. As I kept the stock calipers it is quite logical that the brake power didn't really increase anyway. When brakes are repeatedly used for an extended period of time it will increase the temperature of the pads and rotors. As a result the effectiveness of the stock brake system will strongly drop. The upgrade to sports/racing parts will help keeping full braking power even at higher temperatures. I'm quite pleased about the low level of noise made by the new braking system.


In the mean time I also bought the FK frontlight kit with angel eyes as I think this gives a nice sporty look to the face of the car. The car is still a real pleasure to drive although I have the feeling that the suspension is a bit too soft when taking some corners.


The next upgrade will be the replacement of the suspension with KW coilovers. I'm also planning to get the Zender sideskirts to finish the styling of the body.


I'll see you soon!

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Front shot of the car. You can see the FMIC (front mount intercooler) giving a real sporty face to the car.

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