The beginning : April 2003.

Well this is the car as i bought it. Nice and sober, quite classy in it's segment. Often was this car compared to it's brother the VW Golf. To me the A3 has something more refined, that little bit of extra style. Of course it all comes to where your personal preference goes, but mine is definitely in favour of this A3.
This is the 1.8T version developping 150 stock hp. Before this car I drove a BMW 320i coupé. To make the story short, the A3 totally out classes the 320i when it comes to power and performance. The turbo gives a greatly enjoyable amount of torque and power at very low revs. Another thing I like very much is the gear ratio's. Going up to 110 km/h in 2nd gear makes it a real pleasure. I got used to it now but in the beginning , when coming from a BMW 2L 6cyl (actually not really a performance car) it is quite astonnishing!
Nothing else special to say about it as it was in April 2003.
Check out the upgrades i made. (coming soon)

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