July 2003 : Motor Tuning Stage 1

After a couple of months (and salaries...) the first intervention couldn't be delayed any longer. The only question for me was if I would do something about the exterior or the engine. To me that question was simple... the engine first!

When it comes to motor tuning the 1.8T engine gives a large amount of possibilities at an interesting price. After some quick research I finally went to Power Plus Engineering to have my engine management remapped. The new specifications looked as follows :


On the road this means the car came near the level of the first generation S3 (210hp and 270Nm). The only thing I could think of when I drove the car for the first time was : "WOOAAAAW !!!". To put this in words I would say that it was a completely different car, nothing anywhere comparable with the stock one. Going from 0-100 only just took me 7 seconds. Basically this means a BMW 325i will only see my back going down when I change gear...
The stock torque was kept at low revs so there was absolutely no loss of street style driveability. Once hitting the 3.5k rpm the power breaks loose and you get that famous "turbo kick" which is totally absent in the stock version (sadly).

In addition I had a blow-off valve installed to have the "psshhhh" sound when changing gear. Although some might claim it helps the turbo to keep a high spooling, I must honestly say that I didn't feel anything noticable when accelerating, but I really love the sound it makes! I will post a picture of it as soon as possible.

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