February 2004 : Body kit

The time had come to do something about the exterior of the car. The winter was coming to an end, the 2003 end-year celebrations (and costs...) were behind... so again it became a necessity to spend some money on new upgrades. Being quite satisfied about the engine part I logically decided to make the car look somewhat more aggressive. After a couple of days of surfing and researching my choice was clear about which kit I would go for, a Caractère body kit! I ordered it at the Automotive Belgian Company based in Vilvoorde.
There are several reasons motivating this choice. First one is that I simply love the design of the Caractère line, especially for the Audi. On top of that Caractère only works with VW-Audi and porsche. To me this means that I can be certain that every part they sell will fit without any problem. As a last argument I would say that the quality level of their products is higher than many other manufacturers of body parts. Ofcourse, better quality also means higher price but this is what it takes if you want decent and durable stuff. 
As I allready said earlier, this is only my personal point of view and I can fully understand other people not thinking the same or not liking the body kit I chose.
Check out the pictures and enjoy!

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