July 2004 : Alloy Wheels

A couple of months passed by and again the urge of bringing some new changes was high. The time had come to get some wheels worth the name. Ofcourse I had allready some thoughts about what I wanted. I had to choose between 3 models : Ace Spider, Relic Lexis or Azev type M. Finally I went for the Azev rims as the Ace's were no longer available for my car and as for the Relic's... well some things never happen...
The Azev's were purchased at ATB based in Oostende. It was the first time that I bought something there and there is one thing that must be said about those guys. It is the first (and untill now the only) time that I phoned a shop, ordered the rims, made an appointment, arrived on the said day, the rims were there and mounted, I payed and drove away... no delay at any stage. Though I can not be called a "Hardcore" tuner there is something I know for sure...in the world of tuning an ordering will always have a delay at some stage! Well, not everywhere it seems.
Enough said, check out the pictures.

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