April 2005 : Stage 3 turbo upgrade

Well, I must say that I have hesitated a long time before trying and give a complete overview of my A3 turbo upgrade stage 3. But now I feel like the time has come to write it all down.

Before giving any opinions I will list down the current specs of the car. Everything was done at Inter Tuning :


  • Turbo : the new turbo is a Volvo branded one.
  • Custom made parts :
      • Exhaust manifold
      • Downpipe
      • FMIC
      • All the pipings and other fitings
  • Unichip
  • Engine mapping was done on a Superflow dyno.

Result :

262hp and 375Nm of torque.


When looking at those numbers it sounds like one can only be positive about doing such an upgrade... well now for the bad part about the whole thing...

I honestly don't know wether I am an isolated case or not but between the moment I brought my car to the garage and the moment I got it back fully done 6 months had passed. How come? Although I truely think that in the end Inter Tuning made a great job, the main reason I can see is that they had very small experience with the 1.8T engine in the A3 model. As a result their first attempt at producing a home made kit (which took 4 months) had to be almost completely redone. The exhaust manifold was badly shaped which caused it to overheat. As a result one of the bolts holding the manifold to the engine had broken causing a small leakage etc... the whole setup simply had te be redone.

The second try took another 2 months but this time I have to admit that the result was satisfying.

Today it has been 2 months since I got the car back and until now I did not notice any problem related to the upgrade.


What is my conclusion about all this? Well it is rather simple I think :

- Would I do it again ? probably not. The result is awesome of course but in my opinion it is not worth the time I had to wait for it.

- About Inter Tuning : Although they have encountered many problems during the development of the kit, they kept on working until the product was ready. As a result a lot of time was lost but in the end I am certain that the kit is of excellent quality and afterall that is what matters most.


I hope that this update was of any help to you.

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